Tuesday 18 November 2014

rust jumper in Autumn

rust jumper tesco | black a-line denim skirt asos (link) | black shearling coat mango | black textured flats new look (link) | silver mini watch casio

My goodness it's been a long'ol while since I posted an outfit on here. It was during a moment of deep thought/daydream that I remembered that within my blog name importantly lies the word 'fashion', and so I figured I oughta get my act together. Now don't jump to conclusions - I have been wearing/loving/buying clothes as much as the next girl, yet I've seriously struggled to find the ideal time x place x light combination. Spending every hour of sunlight at sixth form leaves a navy sky upon returning home at the end of the day, as well as a missed opportunity to take pictures. I'm sure every other blogger in the UK/a light-deprived nation will understand. It wasn't that long ago that I used two small focus lights and my bedside lamp in a desperate attempt to photograph the two little lush pots that I wrote about not that long ago. Times are hard, and I'm not pleased about it.

On a less serious/melodramatic note, life is going well at the moment. The whole idea of thinking about life too much feels more philosophical than necessary but I really mean it, things are looking up at the moment and I'm really happy about it. I mentioned recently that I applied to university (and I documented my struggles applying in my Live Mag UK article here) and fortunately, the UCAS/admissions Gods have listened to my calling and responded. I have currently have 3 offers and 2 interviews, and somehow managed to rack up the quintet within the space of a week. However, I did have to wait nearly two weeks to hear anything, so I did feel the pain of the waiting game. Alternatively, one of my best friends got a response in two hours...a record, I think. I'm working hard and feeling so so motivated and just ready to end my time at school with a bang. Or preferably, ABB.

As for the outfit - I freaking love this skirt. I've said it a million and four times before but I'll say it again, this skirt is simply 'the one'. I also own it in blue and I always have more colours hopping onto my saved list (berry acid wash, anyone?). It is so comfy, so wearable and is hands down my most worn item of clothing. This rust coloured beauty of a simple jumper is a Tesco find from eons ago (correction: probably 3 years ago) and is easily the comfiest thing I own. It came with a matching snood and really is a go-to Autumnal piece. I can just imagine it being the sort of item you'd see in a cute catalogue, with the model artistically throwing leaves into the air and with luscious-looking locks. Needless to say that isn't me for now - I'd get too impatient and receive numerous confused-looking expressions from fellow suburban London dwellers. I'll ramble about the coat another time, and that's a guarantee - I just know this fluffy goodness will be worn non-stop this Winter, and right now I can't get enough of it.


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  1. Congratulations on the Uni offers & interviews, I still remember the nervous wait and trying to resist checking UCAS for updates every 5 seconds.

    Your outfit is gorgeous! I wish rust colours suited me as well as they suit you! xo


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