Saturday 8 November 2014

Winter Wishes from ASOS

Oasis classic rose gold face watch | ASOS black and white check top | ASOS Whitby ripped jeans in Alaska wash | ASOS khaki sleeveless wrap blouse | New Look red block heel Chelsea boots | New Look ankle strap flats | ASOS multipack mini hoop earrings

It's no secret whatsoever that I'm a huge ASOS obsessive. In fact, I'm a believer that one of the best decisions I've made in 2014 was signing up for their Premier scheme. Unlimited next-day delivery for a year for a tenner? Yes please. And with ten issues of their brilliant ASOS magazine thrown into the mix, I really can't complain.

I realise that my above selection of ASOS picks don't scream the words 'inevitably long British Winter' to you but hey, I already have my cold weather fundamentals sorted out, so I'm after a few smaller bits to cure the many upcoming freezing nights with a little bit of retail therapy.

I'm really feeling an injection of houndstooth, burgundy and khaki into my wardrobe at the moment and well, that's a big ol' tick for three of my picks. The New Look heeled chelsea boots are such a gorgeous colour and have a bit of height that may do my 5"2 frame a bit of good. New Look have always had a firm spot in my heart when it comes to footwear, so these ankle strap flats have mysteriously crawled onto my list too. I actually tried them on a couple of months ago but decided no due to lack of funds (life of 17 y/o student for ya) but over that time I've been craving for them more and more. The only black flats I have as such are really small and thin loafers, and well, thin shoes simply aren't going to cut it nowadays. This calls for a 'replacement', non?

What's on your ASOS saved list at the moment?


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