Monday 10 November 2014

Two Little Lush Pots

Mint Julips - £5.50/25g | Mask of Magnaminty - £5.50/125g or £9.75/315g

So the situation was that I'd walked an awful long way one day in central London last week, and feeling a little sorry for myself, I accidentally splurged. I think it's fate that London Waterloo's Lush branch is situated right in front of the only four platforms I ever use, so whilst waiting for the train I had to pop in. On that note, can I just holla @ whoever decided to put Lush there. Whenever I get off the train I be smelling 100% fiiiiine, and this makes me very happy.

With only a few minutes to spare I thought it wouldn't be wise to smell every single soap there (though trust me, I would have if time had permitted). Instead I left with the two minity-licious products that filled my mental I-seriously-need-this-now Lush list: Mint Julips and Mask of Magnaminty. Now I've used this mask before and absolutely loved it, so I felt it was only good of me to go back to it...right? The last time I got it was two years ago from Lush's Cardiff Queen St branch (another personal favourite, may I add) and I remember constantly smelling it on the train home to London because it smells so damn fine. It's really good for acne - something that is really irritating me on an on-and-off basis at the moment. 

I've never used a lip scrub before - admittedly I was under the impression that you should only use them if your lips were flakier than the numerous flake-based cereals currently on offer, and only in the deep and dark depths of the Winter. Boy, was I wrong. Mint Julips not only softens my lips but also gives me the sensation that I'm eating mint chocolate chip ice cream when I am unfortunately nowhere near this aforementioned pot of dairy goodness. Now I don't know about you, but in my opinion that is completely and utterly ideal. Who doesn't want to be licking their lips and tasting absolutely beaut - that's my question.



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- Thalia

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