Saturday 23 June 2012

diy denim cutoff shorts


Recently I went on a DIY-tangent and did the simple task of cutting old jeans into shorts. For reference these were my beloved £5.99 H&M skinnies (teens section) which lasted me well over a year. A few months ago I got them caught on a fence (don't ask) and made an irritating hole on one of the legs. At the time I never knew what it would inspire me to do....

Before & During the restyling stage
This is how they started - note the whole on the right leg, around a quarter up from the top..
I then cut past the small whole, drawing on with chalk to achieve a neat and equal line
After doing this, I neatened the line, pinning down the ends to allow me to cut them easily. Somehting that really helped me with this stage was cutting one leg to the desired length, then folding it in half to guide a good length for the other leg.

After & how I styled them!

khaki top - primark
shirt - sarojini market (delhi)
shorts, perviously jeans - h&m
belt - new look

I'm really happy with how they turned out! I actually loved these jeans so much that I bought another pair, a size up at the time of original purchase in March 2011; so if you see any future outfits featuring them as jeans don't be confused! Tomorrow my mum & I will be taking part in the Race for Life. I'm so excited, I loved taking part last year and the atmosphere there is amazing! I'm planning a little sporty ootd for tomorrow, so here's a warning beforehand..

Have you ever DIY-ed your jeans?


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