Sunday 24 June 2012

race for life 2012


So in yesterdays post I mentioned how I was doing the race for life today, raising money for cancer research. In comparison to last year it went really well, last year (when living in the unpredictable weather of England) it was the hottest day of 2011, and our first year competing, so mum & I ffinished with a time of 56 minutes. This year, however, was dramatically colder (around the 17 degree mark) and was incredibly windy! We upped-our-game when it came to pace though, running and jogging during large sections of the course. The race we took part in was located on a race course, so was very hilly..and let's just say, the 'really steep hill bit' was basically the equation for death, but we got through it and made a time of 41 minutes. I'm buzzing - Mum & I set out to beat the time from last year & we did it. Now onto the interesting stuff, a la sporty vibe -

(definitely aiming for the practical, marathon-worthy style rather than high-fashion on this occasion)
grey bandeau - new look
pink vest - forever 21
black cardigan - h&m
black leggings - primark
trainers - nike

The Goody Bag
every participant gets gifted a small goodie bag upon completion of the course, and this year it contained a few vouchers, a cereal sample, vaseline sample size (!!) and some water. The 'you are awesome' message is very cute, and the medal shall go along with last years one, hung up on my wall :)

Have you ever done the Race for Life?




  1. well done girly! super proud of you <3

  2. Congrats!! That's amazing and a great thing to do :) x

  3. Oh wow how exciting is this! I wish there was something like this in Australia..I'd love to participate. Great job x

  4. Well done, thats really great and for such a good cause. x

  5. I chose you for The Liebster Blog Award, check out my post at

  6. Hi, I've tagged you in an award on my blog x

  7. You look so cuute. :D your blog is amazing ♥


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