Saturday 16 June 2012

graduate fashion week - my thoughts

Last Sunday I successfully pulled my Mum along to the Graduate Fashion Week exhibition, hosted in Earls  Court. After going last year I was extatic to go again, looking through all of the wonderful creations and questioning tutors on fashion courses. See, my 'thing' with fashion is that I would desperately love to work in the industry when I'm older. I'm fascinated by trends and clothes but more distinctly, the reaction to it. How they impower women, how the businesses work and my dream is to write about fashion as a journalist, for either a newspaper or magazine.

photo from last year but it hasn't changed - didn't go through the hassle of bringing a camera this year!
For the past few years I thought I would take a 'simple' route at university. Pass my GCSE's, do four A-Levels then study Fashion Journalism at an artsy university. I then spoke to Caryn Franklin, a fashion expert  who has in her career, achieved things only I could dream of. I told her of my dreams to become a fashion journalist, and she gave me amazing advice. She told me not to study Fashion, or even Journalism: if I am to become a successful writer, I need to be qualified and successful at the writing side. To be able to write analytically and helpfully can get me far, and as long as I can prove my interest and knowledge in Fashion, or possibly do a Master's degree in some route of it, my journalism hopes will be educationally set up. She recommended I study English at university, with an emphasis on Creative Writing. After some research I found they do that degree to undergraduate level at Newcastle, UCL, Nottingham and a few other universities within the prestigious Russell Group.

Now onto what's probably considered a way more interesting aspect of the day - the Company goody bag! £3 bought all of this, an absolute bargain. After a little bit of research I found that the Elemis products alone had a value of £14, so anything else from there was mega-free, haha. Really happy with what came in here -the Elemis products I have started to try out and I really liked them. I tried a sample of their face scrub about a month back and woah it's amazing! Way out of my price range but a girl can dream. I admit, I gave my best friend Rosie the Company magazine as foolishly I bought a copy of it the day before, in my initial way-it's-the-new-issue excitement. I also gave her the eyeliner as Company actually had one as a freebie a few months back, and with my lack of eyeliner skills a second one wasn't really necessary.
Lastly but very excitingly for me, I bought a copy of 'Fashion  Textiles, the essential career guide' from a artsy bookstore that had a stall at the show. They had brilliant reductions on, I think I got this for 40ish% off? It's really informative and interesting, fascinating to find out about all the fashion careers that aren't typically 'thought of' when you first think of the fashion industry.

Did any of you go to Graduate Fashion Week? What were your thoughts?




  1. Lovely post! Thank you for the magazine and eyeliner too heheh xxx

  2. really want that company!!



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