Sunday 17 June 2012

true or false

top - h&m
lilac bandeau - new look
denim shorts - topshop
leggings - primark
watch - avon
double cross ring - ebay
nails - barry m bright purple & max factor fantasy fire

Yesterdays outfit! Woke up to a much brighter and summery-er day, something I find very uplifting, living in London. Been dying to wear my shorts that I recently bought as shown in this post, but the weather really hasn't been up for it! In hindsight I probably should have bought a slightly longer pair, but I love them nonetheless, my £28 splurge. Absolutely adore the batwing style top, it's very summery and playful. I'm happy they have them at h&m, as they normally stock a size 6. As a 'petite' person, I need things (especially when styled to be oversized) to not drown me. On another note, the double cross ring was an absolute steal from ebay, at a ridiculous £1.29. It says that it is adjustable, which it is, but not enough so for my small hands - hence why I rarely find myself wearing it! For anyone lucky enough to have normal-sized hands and fingers, I would definitely recommend you pick it up!

Finally finished all of my major exams! I have a French writing exam on Tuesday, which to my misfortune is really more of a memory test, remembering 300 words and how to spell them, writing out aan essay in exam conditions. Actually finish school in around a month (33 days, not that I'm counting) but because of the hectic school summer term schedule, including a week of work experience, I only have around 17 school days left! So so exciting, summer could not come quick enough! Staying in England for the summer but am looking forward to a relaxing six weeks and touristing in my home town, despite it being two years since I moved back home...

Are you looking forward to summer? I sure am..
Thalia xxx


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- Thalia

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