Saturday 13 October 2012

so I put my faith in something unknown

breton striped top la redoute / jeans h&m / loafers new look / earrings forever 21.
makeup: mua bb cream in light, sleek storm eyeshadow palette, unbranded shimmery peach blush, la colours brown eyeliner, covergirl lash blast volume mascara (uk dupe max factor false lash effect) and nivea lipbalm in milk & honey.

This week has been so incredibly chaotic. Academic priorities have pretty much taken over most of my time, something I don't see dying down for a good portion of a year, at least until next summer. I'm putting in more effort that I have ever done previously, waking up early to complete unfinished work and giving up my beloved nightly Vampire Diaries episode, trading it for an hour and a half of Physics revision. It sucks, but it's good to be motivated. Any my gosh do I want those results next August.

The breton striped top is a new purchase for me, I ordered it off La Redoute last week with an order code from the catalogue and they had a sale on, so I think I saved around a fiver on it so picked it up for around £12. Delivery was good, Mum & I got a couple of things each and they all arrived in an exciting package two days later. Now the top had a page-sized spread in the catalogue, and is available in an array of colours and can be purchased in either a top or dress length. The navy and white stripes screamed 'classic' to me, breton is something I feel suits so many seasons of the year and is perfect for transition weather conditions. It's longer than I had expected considering I bought the smallest size, a 6/8 but in general I find their sizing to me slightly on the large side. Also fabric is comfy and warm and I can definitely see some wear coming from it in the next few months, which is a general happy point and yeah, it's all good.

The jeans and loafers you've probably seen many times before, my trusty H&M £5.99 babies have lasted me nineteen months now without fail and I can truthfully say I don't know what I would have worn this past year if I didn't own them. Naturally they've faded from being a royal navy colour to a slightly washed out tone, however I personally like it and still find them versatile. I absolutely adore H&M (kids section) for jeans, I first bought a pair of their skinnies when I was 10 and have owned a good six pairs since, remembering two years since then I lived in a country with an unfortunate lack of access to the beauty that is H&M. I have my eyes on a couple pairs of their current season, including some thicker and definitely winter appropriate ones, which are stretchier and warmer as well as keeping the skinny frame. These ones here are so gorgeous also, I've seen the coated leather-esque trend everywhere and this are no exception to the general amazingness. Basically, I need them. Before anyone wonders, no this post isn't sponsored. I merely love them so much that if it were, I hope I wouldn't be doing a half-bad job. For anyone of a reasonable height (a.k.a fitting into normal adult size jeans) you should fit into these perfectly.

Also in the upcoming week my Mum departs to America for six days, in which I'll be able to learn the joys of morning sandwich making, laundry runs, dishwasher emptying and orthodox cooking skills. Listing these doesn't half make me feel sad about being a teenager, I merely wish to spend my time in happiness rather than soak up home-related responsibilities. Have a lovely week!


p.s the title song can be found here!
p.p.s any thoughts on the layout of the photos? I find editing them this way so much easier than struggling to arrange them with blogger.

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  1. That top is gorgeous, love your hair ;)
    Have you seen the jewellery giveaway over on my blog? Would love you to enter


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