Sunday 28 October 2012

American beauty purchases

maybelline dream bouncy blush in orchid hush / sinful colours nail polish in stuck on you / revlon lip butter in creamsicle / revlon eyeshadow quad in decadent.

Lately I've been mentioning how my Mum embarked on a trip to America, so naturally I handed over a beauty wishlist of things I asked her to 'look out for'. On Tuesday she returned home to London after being delayed overnight in Toronto and handed these over to me when I came home from school and I was very, very excited. 

Now the purpose of me asking her to buy me some bits and bobs is as most of you may know, prices/availability over in the US is so much better than what you can get here, with brands (especially American ones) being sold for up to half the price you can get here! Now as a bargain hunter I love finding inexpensive buys, especially ones you can't get over in the UK. Out of all of these, you can buy the Revlon quad over here but at £8 I felt you can buy more product for that price (cough cough, MUA palettes for £4 are my life) and usually I don't go for the quality > quantity mindset. I only wear make up for 2/7 days a week maximum so for me it's about the experimentation. 

The dream bouncy blush, firstly I just find to be so cool. The texture is so original, and is reminiscent of play-doh in texture. Pigmentation wise I'm sad to say it's not fab, however as a highlight for cheekbones this pale shade would be wonderful. 

Since March the Revlon Lip Butters have been available in Boots and Superdrug nationwide, and I can still remember the massive hype that initially surrounded them. I've always wanted to try a few shades, Cupcake and Sugar Frosting especially but at £7.99 each I can't convince myself to spend that on essentially, a coloured moisturising lip balm/ lipstick hybrid. Creamsicle is a shade unavailable over here, it's one of the six Revlon never brought over to the UK. The texture is really nice and super moisturising as so many people have raved, however the colour is really quite nude (think more nude than Creme Brulee, less brown) and you'll get this. Don't let the pale peachy colour mistake you, it comes out really quite nude so I guess it's pretty hard to style. However, I can see it being pretty used even as a natural sort of product as they are pretty low maintenance and smell really lovely, which is always a bonus. 

Lastly the nail polish from Sinful Colors is in the shade Stuck on You, a metallic mid-purpley colour. It's one of those fancy metallic magnet ones where on the lid a detachable magnet comes with it, perfect for getting the abstract look. I briefly tried the magnet out and I think it's really cool, not original by any means as many brands have reached out into the technique but the idea itself is really fun. I found the colour on its own with two coats is really lovely, but when using the magnet it's..inconsistent. I think it's just me though and my application technique. I'll have to try again soon sometime!

What make up product do you wish was available in the UK? 


p.s - Happy 17th Anniversary to my beautiful parents, I love you both very very much. 


  1. Hahaa. My dad went to America last week and I did the exact same! - what are parents for hey ;)

    The sinful colours polish looks lovely xx

  2. Amazing post dear!
    Lovely blog, following you on Bloglovin! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  3. ooooh i look forward to trying borrowing all of these! ;)
    also happy anniversary to your parents xx


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