Saturday 20 October 2012

I do not want to die inside just to breathe in

skater dress topshop / long sleeve black top primark / belt primark / knee high socks primark / brogues primark / nails ciate wait until dark

I never realise how much of my wardrobe is from Primark until I list them under blog photos. I guess it just proves that style/basic wardrobe pieces don't have to be bought at ridiculous prices!

Today was a pretty chilled and relaxed day, my Mum's in America at the moment attending a quilt show (she's a professional quilter) and she won a prize! I'm so so proud of her and her hard work. Anyway, her not being home changed the family dynamics a lot meaning time spent doing average stuff (i.e spending the day in bed watching nine episodes of The Vampire Diaries) is spent going food shopping with Dad. And forcing asking my brother kindly to take some photographs of my outfit.

I've seen a few skater dresses around for ages now, I got this dress in a Topshop deal back a few months ago for a brilliant £15. It's from the petite section, so once the straps were taken in a bit it was perfect for my annoyingly small frame. Layered underneath it is a plain £2.50 black long sleeved jersey top, perfect for the upcoming autumn months and its corresponding cooler weather. 

Have a lovely Saturday night,




  1. I love the way you have place the pictures in this post :)
    Your outfit looks lovely
    Nicole xx

  2. Your hair is gorgeous. I love the dress too, i've been wanting a skater dress forever :)x

  3. Love love love this outfit, your hair looks gorgeous!

    1. thankyou thankyou thankyou rose, love you best friend xxxx


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