Saturday 3 November 2012

I never knew I'd surrender my heart

long sleeve black top primark / black peplum top new look 915 / scarf h&m / coat new look 915 / jeans h&m kids / socks primark / boots new look / bag gap, gifted / nails: barry m berry ice cream & max factor sunny pink

The past week has been a lovely, different mix-up of what I consider the 'norm'. Half term weeks off are my favourites, and the four times every academic year we have a week off I enjoy myself thoroughly. From Monday-Thursday I travelled westwards to the beautiful city of Cardiff and stayed with some family friends. I adored the trip and although not everything went as planned I had a lovely time nonetheless. Coming back home to London, Thursday afternoon was spent in darkness (can't only be me who dislikes it being pitch black by 4pm?!) but being welcomed by my family was awesome. Almost leaving my suitcase on the train...not so awesome. 

Today I spent catching up with close friends in Oxford St, including the wonderful Rosie of Rosie's Closet (she's kinda wonderful, so check her out) and I finally found a perfect pair of studded loafers after my search began a whopping ten and a half months ago (you all know *the* Topshop £28 Vectras). Even better - they were a bargainous £10 from Primark. I already thought that was the home of Gods, however upon entering the new shop at Tottenham Court Road I fell in's official.

The peplum top is a new buy from Cardiff's New Look Store in the St David's Centre, not only is it two, brilliantly laid out floors of utter beauty it has a brilliant teen range to suit the petite girls like myself. I'm embarrassed to say it's a size 9, suitable for a child 6 years younger than me however it fits like a glove and at £7.99 is my idea of perfection. After hunting for a while I'm glad I waited, although the Topshop petite peplums look beautiful, at £10 more I would much rather spend the extra on another pair of studded loafers as Primark also have them in mink, and my lord they are gorgeous. It also comes in dark red and white, and I think soon enough the deep red will be mine. Autumnal, figure-hugging, perfectly priced. This triplet is the equation that makes me a very happy girlie.




  1. You top looks lovely, glad you had a nice time in Gardiff :) x

  2. I love this whole outfit, great post!! xx


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