Monday 26 November 2012

nails inc elizabeth street

About once a year or so, my (second) favourite magazine ever, Glamour, offers free nails inc nail polishes, worth £11 for the cheerful price of £2. The past two years have seen me build up a small but appreciated collection of three, consisting of Savile Row, Piccadilly Circus and this beautiful one. Now I'm going to be completely honest here- at £11 I would not even step near paying full price...coming from an absolute nail polish hoarder who winces at paying more than £4 for a new shade. For £2, free with a magazine I think it's wonderful. Essentially I would have bought the magazine anyway so as the adverts suggests, the product is somewhat 'free'.

Onto the beautylicious side of things, the colour first of all is gorgeous! The light blue-toned pink is undoubtedly girly and would look good on the whole spectrum of skin tones. Formulation-wise I find it to be quite light; full opacity does require 3-4 coats. However, the polish dries incredibly quickly so hardly any waiting time is needed between coats, meaning the process itself doesn't take longer than with the average nail polish. Nails Inc polishes I commend in how they are shiny and always look good even if you are sometimes lazy (like myself) and skip the top coat afterwards.

All in all I would recommend this product, if you are willing to pay the price. At £11 it is completely out of my budget however it would make a perfect stocking filler! I know you can buy variations with crystal lids as part of a gift, although they are considerably more expensive. Let's just say, if money were to be unlimited, Symons Street, Foubert's Place and Lowndes Square would already have their respective slots in my nail polish drawer.



  1. perfect colour and perfect nails <3

  2. This looks like a really nice colour, so many shades like this have no opacity but this looks really good! Also, such a great deal for £2!

    La Vie Quotidienne


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