Monday 1 April 2013

Spring fashion wishlist

Is it cheeky to include three things you've already ordered?! I think not. It's merely saving money, as instead of browsing for even more future purchases, I've settled with ones I've already bought. Logic? Oui.
The colour of the Topshop lace top is so pretty, I liked the design a few months ago when they released it in bottle green, yet I wasn't convinced that the quality would be as great in real life. Then, in February I saw my beautiful friend Gracie wear the fuchsia version and it looked fabulous when paired under a mint green jumper. I'm becoming more accustomed to wanting new clothes and then actually buying them as a) I am now 16 so I can get a part-time job and b) I start sixth form in September. No uniform policy = increased need for an expanding wardrobe = happy Thalia. 

The pull and bear purchases are easily justifiable; for my birthday I was kindly given a £20 e-card from my neighbours and long-time family friends, and I've been craving a pair of their jeans lately. Don't get me wrong, I adore my Topshop Joni's, but a girl needs variety and the ability to breathe and eat large meals, which sadly my beloved Joni's do not always do. I have a pair of grey studded jeggings and a black pair of skinny jeans from pull & bear and I adore them both, the fit is perfect for petite girls! 

Recently, this absolute atrocity that we're referring to as 'British weather' has really been putting me down, so I bought some new gloves (once again, logic at its finest). I liked them when they were sold at original price and now they're £2.50 off I thought "hey, why not?" They're cute, practical and a remedy for this awful 2 degrees mumbo-jumbo. Also, asos do free delivery. The two words of the gods. Take this as a hint, everyone. Free delivery makes me an incredibly happy girlie.

Pinafores. Pinafores, pinafores, pinafores. So many people are going crazy over this influx of old-school styled dresses, and I'm not ashamed to say that Topshop has lured me in. Pretty shade of denim? Yes. Petite size? Yes. It's a winner.

Lastly, the boucle bomber jacket. I've been loving the boucle/tweed trend as of late, I'm not usually one to follow trends religiously but this texture is one I hope to covet for years to come. It's something that looks fun and young, something I'm trying to aim for as I'm only sixteen and dressing many years above my age isn't doing an awful lot of good (and I might as well make the most of my youth.)

What clothes are you dying to get your hands on?


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  1. I'm obsessed with the pinafore dresses around at the moment! I'm so glad they're coming back into fashion because I love wearing mine :)

    Louisa's Notebook


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