Tuesday 9 April 2013

Spring nail polish picks

rimmel I heart lasting finish - 704 sweet as sugar / rimmel lycra pro professional finish - 420 aqua cool / barry m gelly hi-shine nail paint - 224 prickly pear / beauty uk nail polish - purple / nyc in a new york minute nail polish - 264 lincoln square lavender / max factor limited edition nailfinity - boji

This time annually usually brings temperamental weather in the UK, and this year sure didn't disappoint. Although it still feels like Winter outside, I've taken it upon me to distract myself from this and engage myself in Spring-appropriate nail colours.  I couldn't whittle them down to only a couple, so here are my favourite six nail polishes at the moment:

Sweet as Sugar a beautiful, really pale blue. The ratio of white : blue is much greater than in most blue polishes, which I like as it isn't just 'sky blue', it's more unique and would look fab with a tan. As it's a very pale colour, it takes around 3 coats to become fully opaque but the application is made quick as the coats dry really quickly. 

Aqua Cool I've always wondered why the name of this is 'aqua'- I find this too blue toned to be a true aqua colour. It reminds me a lot of Essie's Bikini so Teeny which everyone went crazy over last summer. I never got my hands on it as I personally can't justify £8 on a nail polish, so I'd say this is a cheaper dupe. Don't take my word on accuracy though - I cannot compare directly but in tone they look pretty close. The brush is absolutely faultless - it's wide and short, which suits my long and thin nails surprisingly well. The colour goes on with no streaks at all and lasts longer without chips than average nail varnishes.

Prickly Pear This is my first nail polish from Barry M's relatively new Gelly hi-shine line, and has definitely convinced me that I need more. My previous favourite lilac polish Berry Ice Cream, also by Barry M, recently died on me and ever since I've been searching for a replacement. Lilac is an essential in my eyes and this fits the bill perfectly. So many people have raved about the formula of this - it's thick, goes opaque in a single coat (although I always do two out of tradition) and gives a strong but shiny finish. It does feel very reminiscent of a gel manicure, except for only £3.99. Very very impressed with this one.

Purple I really dislike having to refer to this nail polish as 'purple' - it came as part of the 'Wild Child' set and is nameless. (Yes, I realise...props to me for the practical and not-so creative name.) Anyway, I think this nail polish is a really refreshing addition for the Spring. It is not too dark and goes with a lot of things, including the monochrome trend and the transitional outfits we're all having to covet at the moment. The application is okay, I'm not a huge fan of the brush but the colour becomes opaque relatively quick which combats this in a way. I don't own any other colour similar to this one - instead they're all red-toned and very berry and autumnal. It's a nice change for sure.

Lincoln Square Lavender This is possibly one of the most inexpensive nail polishes I've ever bought and in such a pretty colour also. It's a pinky/purple that doesn't really lie in either of the colour categories, it's more of a mix of the two. It's fairly bright but not neon by any means (a trend that admittedly, I shy away from) and is more wearable on a daily basis than a hot pink shade. The brush is nice and long and the colour only takes two coats to reach full opacity.

Boji This is kind of an unhelpful choice as this shade is limited edition, but I'm sure dupes can be found along the makeup aisles of Boots. A nude/mushroom shade, it is a typical Autumn shade that I can't bear to avoid during these Spring months. It is definitely the most classic and work-appropriate of my six choices, which in a way is why I like it. The miniature bottle is practical but a downfall as the quality of the brush doesn't live up to my other picks. However, it like many others becomes opaque in two easy coats and can be worn for days on end.

I wouldn't be able to narrow it down to just one favourite, but could you? What are you planning to wear on your nails this Spring?


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  1. lovely nail polishes, i really like the gelly nail polishes from barry m - the consistency is perfect! i really like some of the models own nail polishes, they are soo good!!


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