Sunday 7 April 2013

Blogger Bake Sale

Clem, Rosie, myself and Phoebe


So this is me definitely going on a tangent, my first ever food-related post. Don't get me wrong, food is my weakness (Cornish wafers and cheesy rolls, especially) but I am without a doubt not blessed in the culinary department, which in a way is why I gravitate towards the fashion and beauty end of the spectrum. Anyhow, I heard about a Blogger Bake Sale from the lovely Rosie from The Londoner, who I met a few months ago at her meetup in January. I'll link you to the post here to prevent me going on yet another tangent. The chance to meet some more bloggers and devour endless cakes seemed like too much of an irresistible offer to miss, and my gosh...I made the right choice.

The bake sale was based in a lovely restaurant in South Kensington called Bumpkin, which is only a five minute walk down the road from South Ken tube station. I honestly felt like I was in Made in Chelsea whilst walking there, the buildings are so glamorous compared to the other areas of London and I definitely am encouraged to go there more often.  The cakes, cookies and bits that people had baked can only be described as insane. Absolute insanity. I took a photo of the coolest cake ever on my Instagram, a man had made it out of sponge to recreate the buns, a brownie to replicate the meat and coloured icing as lettuce and cheese. Pretty genius in my opinion. I had to refrain myself from eating too much, but luckily getting there early meant I could have a bite of the famous Slutty Brownies before they were all gone. I also enjoyed a slice of Malteser Cake, which I didn't even know existed but it was so incredibly delicious. I'm going to Google it, then try it out myself. If nothing/nobody/no kitchen appliances get damaged in the process, I may report back on that one.

Having a group of bloggers all together also meant that I could get to know a few people, just have a general chat and discuss cakes. I met the lovely Clem from The Vegan Cookie Fairy, whose vegan recipes are all documented on her blog. I loved talking to her about travelling and how becoming vegan has changed her lifestyle. I could never do it myself, but if you are a vegan or know someone who is, I would definitely recommend you take a peek on her blog. I also had the chance to meet Reena, who like Clem and I also loves travelling. She recently began a travel blog named The Lifestyle Enthusiast, which I am so excited to see develop as she has been to countless places, including South East Asia - a part of the world I hope to discover one day.

So all in all it was a lovely day! I thoroughly enjoyed the day out and cannot wait until the next one.



  1. You are so lucky to live in London so it's easy to get to those events, I'd love to meet more bloggers!

    Louisa's Notebook

  2. I am so so jealous aha! I was going to come but had my first shift at work so couldn't, I hope she has another one, sounds like you all had a great time, I love how creative people got!xx

  3. Was such a pleasure to meet you! Really like your blog, I'm lost when it comes to fashion so I can learn a lot from you! xoxo

  4. Really lovely meeting you Thalia! Stay in touch!


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