Sunday 5 January 2014

2013 // nails

a few of my favourites:
 new look giles polish unnamed - outfit post here
 la colours jewel tone
 rimmel loafer love for you - outfit post here, review post here
no 7 damson dream - outfit post here
barry m prickly pear & sinful colors let me go - outfit post here

So there you go... 2013 was definitely the year of nails for me, being the first year that I put in effort to make them look decent all year round. Since posting my nail polish collection post in March my collection has grown significantly and has now passed the 100 mark. Pretty crazy eh! 

Next in the series: OUTFITS.

What was your favourite of my nail looks from 2013?



  1. Really love the bright yellow patterned ones in the first set of pictures. Did you do them yourself or get them at a salon. They look so good! :)

    1. I didn't do them myself - they're the elegant touch house of holland stick on nails in 'zig zag stardust' :) link here:

  2. I quite likeddd.... 1. nude, 2. the neon one, 3. the sparkly blue/purple la colours one, 4. barry m prickly pear & sinful colors let me go, 5. torn between the plum coloured polish & the gold. Both are pretty awesome.

    I liked this post. <3


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