Friday 24 January 2014

a day at the V&A: London fashion in the 80's

At the beginning of the month, before starting back at sixth form, Mum and I ventured into Central London and visited my favourite museum, The V&A. The Victoria & Albert museum has always been iconic and is a real treat for the fashion-obsessed, as well as those interested in ancient or Asian art. I've been a big fan of the place since Mum took me to see the exhibition of Kylie Minogue's dresses, and that must have been around 7-8 years ago now?! I was obsessed with Neighbours at the time, which made seeing Charlene's costume seriously exciting.

So anyway - we went to see the Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s exhibition and loved it - the write-ups next to the pieces were fab and obviously, the clothing pieces were the stars of the show. I'd massively recommend you go and visit if you have a spare couple of hours and you're in London, that way you can go at a comfortable pace whilst browsing along the brightly coloured and oversized items that grab your attention for more reasons than one.

The exhibition is open until February 16th, with tickets costing £5. Online information can be found here!

Have you seen this exhibition?




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- Thalia

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