Sunday 26 January 2014

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I've been toying with the idea of writing a weekly feature for a while now, and Sunday Summary posts are one of my favourite types of post to read. It's a combination of me being both a) a little bit nosey (aren't we all?) and b) really interested on 'the person behind the blog'. It pains me when I stumble upon a new blog to find that it doesn't have an 'about me' section. I love your clothes and all, but all my brain is wanting to know is where you're based / a brief synopsis of your life story. Am I alone on that point?! 

So the highlight of my week was undoubtedly being accepted on to #AccessAllAsos. I'm a massive fan of the brand - their petite section is brilliant and the fact that they sell a UK size 4 has saved me so many times. I'm so excited to see where this opportunity will take me, and I'm ecstatic that it is a fab excuse to see some of my blogger friends again (including my two fellow teenage bloggers Sophie & Perdi). I instagrammed a picture of the hand-written card I received in the mail yesterday and I loved the personal touch - ASOS, I salute you.

Sixth form has been rather up and down this past week, I feel like I'm trying really hard in one of my subjects and none of it is paying off and my grade is nowhere near the region I'd like it to be in, which is frustrating to say the least. Saying that, I'm feeling motivated at the moment rather than brought down by it all, so I'm just sticking to the idea that perseverance is what is going to get me through this hell of an essay and then I can smile and move on. This week also taught me to stick by people when they really need you, even when they don't act like it. I'm a believer that sticking by people when they need you the most is without doubt the way to go.

I also found out at the beginning of this week (or it could have been the end of last week? - not too long ago...) that my trip to Asia & Australasia this summer has been confirmed and booked and OH MY GOSH seriously hold me down. I am so excited. And not in just the smiling-yay-this-is-cool sort of way but in the my-level-of-excitement-is-on-the-verge-of-escaping-every-inch-of-my-body sort of way. I'm going to write a post about travelling soon so until then I'll keep the exact details under wraps. I've got a lot to look forward to, so I'm very thankful for that. July 22nd could not come quick enough if it tried! I've got a trip to Wales in March with school and one of my biannual trips to Scotland with my family in April before I'm Heathrow bound, but I know for certain that the wait will be worthwhile 

If you've written a Sunday Summary-style post or a weekly review, please link me up! As I mentioned earlier, I love reading them. 

Also - before I go...HAPPY STRALYA DAY to my favourite nation on the planet and every single person from there or who is celebrating it today. I am incredibly proud to be half Aussie and hopefully (if it all goes to plan) I will be holding dual citizenship between Britain and Australia in a few months time!




  1. Great post - thanks for the mention! :) I'm definitely thinking of starting my sunday recap posts back up too! x

  2. well done on becoming an ASOS insider! i know what you mean about trying hard in lessons without it paying off, getting E's in my a level english essay's is not something i was happy about haha xxx

  3. LMAO! I did laugh at the looking for an 'About Me' section, I often do that. Usually to understand the person's preferences and see if we have enough in common for me to follow them. Congrats about the ASOS thing, I'd never even heard of it before now. Oh my goooooosh, are you a size 4?! =D aww so tiny. Hugs for you.

    I like this Sunday Summary post, you should make it a weekly.


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