Sunday 16 February 2014

the sunday review 04

So this week was slightly more exciting than last week. In the midst of the floods (which, I must add, hasn't  hit my area yet but half of my fence is well...grounded) I caught up with some friends, went to the Guardian Media Centre and had an unsuccessful attempt at going to LFW.

A couple weeks ago I learnt that school had a journalism trip to the Guardian planned and at that I was very excited - an excursion that for once had relevance to what I want to do in the future was great. I, along with a group of others who go to my sixth form, got a tour around the HQ in London and a masterclass before meeting and speaking to Eliza Anyangwe. She's a digital journalist who mainly writes about global development and I must say I thought she was a fascinating person. I got to ask her a few pressing questions (Is the knowledge of shorthand relevant nowadays? How helpful is knowing a foreign language? Do we really need to do a NCTJ course to succeed?) and she was really helpful in giving us answers and an insight into her career.

So yesterday was when things didn't exactly go to plan. My incredible friend Sophie managed to get some tickets for a few Fashion Scout shows at LFW but couldn't make the Saturday shows, so she sent me the tickets in the mail. Needless to say I took the opportunity to try and see one at 3pm but after an hour and a half of waiting outside, the place was completely full. Wish I could have seen some of the beautiful clothes but fingers crossed things will go better tomorrow! I'm hoping to see the Zeynep Tosun show and I'm bringing my beautiful Mum along with me to make things even better. It's so weird to think that 3 years ago she took me to the LFW exhibition and now I'm bringing her along to a show. It was a goal of mine for 2014 to see a show so hopefully in next week's review I tell you all about it (with photos, of course). Will this be mummy galaxies xo round two? 

I hope you've all had a lovely week! Before you all pop off elsewhere in the interwebs - I'm thinking about upgrading my camera sometime in the next few months and I'm in the vital research stage. I currently use a Canon EOS 350D and am hoping to go for something that records in HD as well as taking great quality photos (I'm thinking around 16MP +) but also something that isn't too confusing (I'm no camera genius, that's for certain). If you have any recommendations please let me know!


Song on replay: coldplay - shiver

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P.S - Jason Brown at Sochi. I nearly died. I love him. And yes this BuzzFeed feature is SO accurate. 

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