Sunday 9 February 2014

the sunday review 03

This week has had me Sochi-obsessed. Yesterday I spent hours watching snowboarding, speed skating and figure skating (my personal favourite) and some of the tricks left me on the edge a bit. I'm so excited to watch Jason Brown and Gracie Gold in their individuals. I mentioned them in a post not too long ago and I'm totally feeling #teamcoulouredsurnamesatSochi. Oh, and Yulia Lipnitskaya left me speechless. It is mental to think that she is over a year younger than I am and she's out there showing that Russia are crazy good whilst I'm spending hours sitting on the sofa watching it all. It says a lot, really.

Every time I get to these weekly reviews I struggle to remember anything really eventful that occurred during the school week...I hit my target grade in the English essay that I seriously struggled with so I'm chuffed about that, my models own order arrived (and I blogged about it, of course) and I watched a lot of American television. So nothing wild. Yesterday was uber productive with me getting lots and lots of photos taken for either the blog or for upcoming LBQ contributions so that was fab - I really dislike having to rely on Saturday's as my 'photography day': working on Sundays and spending weekdays at sixth form limits me to a single day a week to get my photography on and living in England means nice weather to accompany it is never guaranteed. Luckily it fluctuated quite a bit and wasn't just rainrainrain, so I snapped the chance once the sun came out et voilà, some new content is ready to be produced.

Next week looks like it's going to be a busy'un (an evening in on Friday with chocolate and a few episodes of One Tree Hill will have me sorted for V-Day 2014) so hopefully I will be able to excite you endlessly with whatever my upcoming week includes.

Posts this week: greyscale wishlist // a small models own spree

Songs on replay: hunter hayes - wanted // you me at six - fresh start fever // wilkinson ft. detour city - too close // plumb - cut // carrie underwood - so small


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  1. i take all of my blog pictures on saturday as well, it always feels like i'm forcing myself to come up with ideas and obviously can never think of anything! xxx


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