Friday 21 February 2014

lusting over Topshop boots

 black slouchy peplum top dorothy perkins / dark plum skinny jeans h&m / black biker jacket miss selfridge / black chelsea boots topshop (link) / textured shoulder bag primark

Ahh I have been a bad blogger this week - you'd think that with a week off school it would be posting central but in reality I've filled this week with so many things, many of which have consumed a lot of time. I will delve into the details on Sunday in my weekly review (which for once, may even be vaguely exciting). So anyway - onto the outfit. These jeans are a personal favourite of mine not only because of the gorgeous colour but because of their sentimental value...I got them with my first paycheck, which makes them sound as if they were expensive - trust me, they weren't, but I love knowing I earned them. Winter weather permits for dark colours I guess. Who am I kidding? - I wear them all year round. No regrets. I'm loving the pastel trend that's emerging for spring, I just highly doubt I'll be trying it out for myself. The idea of a pale pink skort sounds beautiful on those with poise and confidence, however I eat way too much spaghetti to even risk going near pale-toned bottoms.

My Topshop 'MONTH' chelsea boots have been glued to my feet since receiving them for Christmas - they're classics and the quality of them is fabulous. I'm already planning to expand my Topshop shoes collection (my 25% off Arcadia employee card in hand, of course) - these boots are gorgeous. I mean, just look at them.

 'Of course I need another pair of black leather-look cut out ankle boots, Dad'. 
And then he points out my use of the word 'another'.



  1. those boots all look beautiful, black boots are a must have so they can be justified... right? xxx

  2. I love black ankle boots. I feel they can go with just about anything. I love the toe of those jeans as well though.

    1. Good justification - may have to use that as an excuse :) x


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