Sunday 1 January 2012

New Years Resolutions - 2012.

So I've decided to make a blog.

New year, new explorations.
I'm Thalia. I'm 14 and am in Year 10 at school, first year of GCSE's. My dream is to work in fashion when I'm older, specifically Fashion Journalism. I've tried to write numerous blogs before, none of which were successful or lasted over a month. But this one, I hope to stay commited to and post regularly. I want to write the blog I'd like to read, for teenagers who adore fashion beauty style and just life.

So to start this blog I wanted to share my New Years Resolutions for 2012!
- keep fit: do gymnastics, trampolining, go for regular walks.
- be able to do the splits - literally a lifetime aim
- focus on schoolwork and pass all of my exams
- enjoy work experience in June
- procrastination: not to stop it, but ease it slightly
- become more independent

<3 gonna finish off with a few cute photos, courtesy of weheartit!


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- Thalia

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