Tuesday 10 January 2012

my attempt at skincare

At 14 I would say I'm reasonably lucky when it comes to skin. I'd say I have dry/normal skin type, but I do get spots (the irritating ones that rarely come to the surface). For the past 8 months or so I've become more interested in skincare, as I, although it's just a thing I know will happen, dislike spots. As for brands I've previously used, before the stuff I'm using now I tried out some of Johnson's skincare range (unsure of the name) but it was in the pale pink containers for 'normal' skin. The gel face wash in particular was really good:) Anyway - here's what I'm currently using..

The 'Clear Skin' range available from Tesco: I have it in the form of the Deep Cleansing Wash, Spot Treatment Gel and Facial Wipes.
The 'dual action moisturiser' is from Clean & Clear, and was also purchased from Tesco.

My Thoughts
Deep Cleansing Wash
Okay product, isn't as good as the version available from Johnson's. Smell is just slightly overpowering and almost chemical-smelling. When squeezed onto my palm, the product is distributed quite thinly; quite a large amount of product is needed to fill my whole face. Also, it doesn't lather - instead it just sits there smelling a bit, mmm. My skin does feel lovely after washing it off though, so that's an advantage. Must say though, it states that 'helps prevent spots' but using this product (even in addition to other spot prevention products) hasn't really eased my spots, it's only made my skin soft. I think this sells for around £2-3, but was on a 2 for 3 deal at the time I bought it.

Spot Treatment Gel
I use this religiously. Sometimes I really cannot be bothered to do a full face wash sort of thing, but every morning and ever night I use this baby. It has a very strong smell of mint,and dries within about two minutes. Although it doesn't help remove my spots, it does help prevent them from worsening, so basically half the job is done. The small tube of 30ml has lasted me for ages, and has shown no signs of running out anytime soon. Cost around £2, which in my opinion is pretty fab considering how long it's lasted.

Facial Wipes
Like many others, I only really use these for removing make up, and not really for the whole waking up-rejuvinating skin sorta thing I wish I was more into. Out of all the brands of face wipes I've used i wouldn't say these are the best, but they do the job. As for amazing and affordable face wipes I would reccomend the wipes from Simple. I wouldn't say that they help prevent spots particularly much - I find that the facial wash and spot gel do that better. Baring this in mind, the wipes were more affordable than most so I couldn't really demand too much from them.

Dual Action Moisturiser I really love this product. It has lasted me ages - I've used it regularly for a few months and it still hasn't run out. Quite creamy in consistency, not much product is needed to cover my whole face. Moisturising is amazing, after using this my skin feels really soft. Dealing with spots wouldn't be this moisturiser's highlight but at between £2-3 I am very pleased with the moisturiser!

What are your current skincare products - any reccomendations?



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