Wednesday 11 January 2012

playlist & irrelevance

A selection of fun irrelevance. In the music mood so wanted to share my current playlist and the odd photo (off weheartit) to pass the time. First major exam tomorrow, did two hours of straight revision! Feeling rather proud of myself for that. So whilst I contemplate ways not to completely freak out tomorrow in my biology exam, here is my current playlist! Enjoy.

And a few weheartit photos to make the blog post complete? :)

Seriously adore this girl's hair! Makes me want to get a heavy swept side fringe like hers, but knowing me I'd get fed up with upkeep and having hair in my face all the time! A girl can dream, eh?

 Finishing off with a humorous one - this never fails to make me laugh.

Have a lovely rest of the week, my online orderings arrived today so will hopefully blog about them soon.



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