Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Messy Rainbow Glitter Nails

So on New Years Eve, an hour or so before midnight my Grandma and i found ourselves (as usual) painting our nails whilst watching tv. There's something I find rather therapeutic about nail polish...not sure if it's the whole concentration to paint my nails decently, or simply the satisfaction I get from having nice nails.
So anyway, here's the look I came up with when wanting something different and out of my usual 'comfort zone', which usually restricts me to plain colour neatly painted onto my nails.
Sorry I haven't got any 'progress' photos, at the time I did this I had no intention of making a blog post about it, but now I'm keen to share it.

The end result:
with a cool blue background to add to the awesome colourful mix

  1. Clean your nails of any previous nail polish, file/buff whatever to them, basically just sort them out so they're nice and clean :)
  2. Get any nail polish colour of your choice (going for either a rainbow or ombre theme usually work best) and carefully place a smallish sized 'blob' of it on your nail. Make sure there isn't too much product on the brush when you do this to prevent over-splodging/polish getting onto your fingers. Vary where you place the splodges on your nails for a more messy and less organised look.
  3. Wait for all the colours to dry before adding a new one to stop colours mixing/not drying well.
  4. Repeat the 'splodging process' (as I'll put it) with every colour you choose to do it with (I used 6 colours, but you can do as many as you want depending on the size of your nails/splodges.)
  5. Once finished with all the colours, you can choose to add a thin layer of glitter polish, or you could leave it there. Finish by using a top coat of your choice.

The colours I used. From L-R: Colourworks (no name, bright red colour), Rimmel Tangerine Queen, Rimmel Green Grass, Rimmel Sky High, Barry M 219 Cobalt Blue, Barry M 303 Bright Purple, Models Own Silver Fox. & why yes, sneak-peak of my nail polish storage in the background.

A finishing photo:)

Hope you enjoyed reading my first nail polish collection post - am going to try it out with different shade of purple soon, will keep you updated!


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