Saturday 9 February 2013

"because you saw me when I was invisible"

peter pan collar dress new look / biker jacket with stole primark / tights primark / boots ebay

I've been a bit lazy this weekend. I hadn't painted my nails, done my hair or applied any makeup. But then I thought, why not go natural? I wish others would do so too, it's almost as if society has shaped us to believe that we are only sufficient when concealed and covered in more ways than one. It's nice to let your skin breathe, and believe that no matter what you may look like, you are beautiful.

Today I went browsing for prom dresses, Mum and I took the chance to have a drive down to Sussex and look in a dress shop. I've come home and spent a few hours browsing numerous websites; this sort of thing excites me considerably more than revision! I can't wait to buy one and wear it this summer, I'm hoping the weather finally gets better and the burden of exams washes away.

Just one more week until half term break; the thought of time to be relaxed, watching movies in bed makes me so incredibly happy. Last night I watched The Princess Diaries, I remember watching this back when I was seven! It's still a personal favourite, and I'm still looking for a Michael Moscovitz in my life. 

What's your favourite movie?

I hope you have a lovely Saturday night & a fab weekend,




  1. I totally agree with going natural & lovely outfitxx

  2. You looks so pretty and love the outfit. I love that movie!xx


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