Saturday 2 February 2013

we talked it over and it's our little secret

 black peplum top new look / biker jacket with fur stole primark / jeans h&m kids / boots new look / bag Camden market / nails M&S 'City Grey'

So here's the biker jacket I mentioned in my previous post. It's comfy, has a good fit and was only a tenner. Primark, you are brilliant. Sadly, on the other hand this will be the last time I wear these jeans (yes, I mourn my clothes..) I've had them nearly two years and fortunately in that time period I have grown enough to say they don't fit properly anymore. This calls for a celebration. At £5.99 they were arguably my best bargain e v e r and I love them. I'm donating them to my friend Kyle who is making a huge denim cape as part of his final Textiles GCSE project, so I'm sure they'll go to good use.

The photos from today were incredibly rushed, so aren't as good as I usually like them! Today I went into town to buy fabric for my Textiles work (which was unsuccessful, as I left with only lace and beads in toll). I picked up a few other things that I'm planning to do a haul post on, so for now they'll remain a secret. I have lots and lots and lots of work that I need to be doing, although not all is school-related and actually leans towards exciting, which is unorthodox for me, and a nice change.

I hope you're all having a lovely Saturday night,


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  1. Primark is the best! Your hair looks really good here too! :) x

  2. i love the jacket, i always find some really great things in primark xxx


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