Friday 22 February 2013

scared of the lonely arms

purple marl top internacionale / denim jacket vintage / black skirt India / purple tights topshop (£2!) / studded loafers primark / watch casio via asos / nails: rimmel aqua cool

This outfit was from a couple of days ago - half term is the week when I  forget any school commitments and organisational techniques and end up with everything in a messy heap. I have about four outfits photographed from various dates, all of which corresponded with days that went along the lines of lazy-family-food-American Idol. That's pretty much the life I lead in this one enjoyable week.

Saying this, today is the last day this can happen. I ate out for lunch today at the gorgeous B-Soho restaurant on Poland Street in Central London today with my Dad, my goodness their pesto pizza is delicious. I have piles of coursework hiding in folders on my shelves, and I have a feeling they won't magically disappear by themselves. Well, at least that's what I've heard from teachers.

Tonight I'm celebrating my friend Chloe's birthday at Nando's with a bunch of friends, so I'm looking forward to getting ready, choosing an outfit and doing my hair, looking somewhat...nice. Here's to eating out twice in one day?! Greedy as ever.




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- Thalia

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