Sunday 24 February 2013

your intentions were gold

purple speckled lightweight sweater new look / berry cardigan primark / quilted coat asos / blue jeggings h&m / boots miss selfridge / leather satchel Camden Market / nails: Rimmel 'Chic and Chearful'

I should really learn to stop procrastinating. Today's the last day of half term, the generous 9-day break of which 8 days have been spent doing no work whatsoever. Consequently, today I've been putting time into countless pages of textiles coursework, geography exam questions and endless maths revision. Well, after scoffing on numerous croissants and many slices of french bread. 'I may not be doing French work, so I'll eat like the French' I thought to myself. Days like this really make me think into the future: in three and a half months I'll be on the longest summer of my life, with no exams, hopefully a summer job and excited at the prospect of dropping two of the aforementioned subjects. 

Saying this, before any of that can happen I have to go exam crazy and coursework wild so here's just a little note to say that posting will most probably ease off in the upcoming few months. I have a couple of posts arranged for this week (queen of organisation) however after then weekends will be the only time I really have. Seriously looking forward to having more daytime sunlight...I'm definitely over this cold weather and these dark afternoons!




  1. lovely outfit, i have been doing work all day aswelll. every single time i tell myself i will do my homework on the first day of half term but i never do xxx

  2. Lovely outfit I love your speckled top :) So over this cold weather as well I wish summer would hurry up! x


  3. Ooo I love your bag and jumper, very casual! lovely blog xxx


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