Saturday 16 February 2013

leopard print and leaves

 black three quarter sleeve peplum top dorothy perkins / studded jeggings pull & bear / brown + faux fur gilet forever 21 / leopard scarf Oxford St stall / boots ebay / nails: avon golden vision

Thank goodness the weather is starting to warm up - outdoor outfit photos are quickly becoming way more enjoyable. This is yet another peplum top I've purchased recently, I guess I missed the trend when it was huge over the past few months but recently my love for them has escalated. I particularly like less structured ones as y'know, breathing is hard enough being asthmatic, let alone when wearing a ridiculously tight top. 

This week has been crazy mental! Pancake day was celebrated in full style at my household as per usual, and I was reminded of my love for maple syrup. School demands pretty much rose above the roof this week also, with various deadlines and tests making their mark just before half term, which I am now on. Hooorah,  I've been thinking to myself. 9 days of absolute bliss. I'm recovering from one hell of a cold that almost hit me too hard to attend school yesterday. But, being the good student, I soldiered on anyway (brownie points to me yet?!)

Also, on Monday I hit 100 GFC followers. This may seem like such an insignificant number to some of you, but for me it's a goal I've hoped to achieve for a while now. Definitely the first big milestone. Thank you, to each and every one of you that's commented/supported me over the past thirteen months :) 

Last night my friend Jamie and I went to my school's annual Gym and Dance show, something I was part of in 2011 and 2012 but couldn't focus on this year due to school demands and having a general lack of free time. I also got my GCSE exam timetable through a couple of days ago, which is incredibly daunting as it means everything begins to happen so soon! Always reminding myself that this summer will be 10 weeks off anything education-related. Phew.

This is my last outfit post before heading up north to Stoke, I think I'm going to try and post whilst up there but as for logistics and practicality I haven't really thought of it through yet. An inkling of me is gutted that I can't be at LFW, since going two years ago I've loved the busy atmosphere and emerging talent. I keep saying to myself though that in a few years I will have earned my way there as a journalist. Keeping my hopes high, as always.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,



  1. those studded jeggings are lovely and you have the prettiest eyes! xxx

  2. Love the studded jeggings, their really different! X

  3. Love the shoes & Leggings! x

  4. I love your leggings and nail varnish! I love how you include personal things as well as the fashion :) And congratulations on your 100 followers, that's what I'd love to have some day!

    Louisa's Notebook

  5. I love your outfit posts and they're always so well written. I've just started my blog and would love if you would take a look and tell me what you think :)


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