Wednesday 10 April 2013

found yourself a path upon the ground

 blue jumper with lace new look & diy / petite indigo joni jeans topshop / brown fur gilet forever 21 / black lace up buckle boots new look / sunglasses primark / nails: ciate pocket money (free with this month's Marie Claire)

Finally finally finally the weather in London is starting to warm up a bit. About time. It was so lovely to go out today, I met up with a group of friends and we had lunch out in our local area which was really great. Sharing a cheeseburger and a small pizza with my friend Sophia was really nice too. In terms of productivity  today was not half bad, also. I did almost two hours of History revision on the Cold War which I can assure you is not nearly as interesting as it sounds...or not. 

These sunglasses in the outfit were added due to wishful thinking and my love for £1 Primark purchases. I spotted these in the Stratford store and fell in love a little bit. They're so cute..tortoiseshell being very summery and all. Anyway - I better be off, I recently started watching Made in Chelsea and I am totally obsessed. I'm behind everyone else, I'm only on season 2 but at the rate I'm going through these episodes I should be up-to-date in a couple of weeks. It's all a bit exciting at the moment. I actually had a dream that I met Francis Boulle in an interior decor shop, which is crazy considering i cannot afford anything from a shop in Chelsea!




  1. That polish is gorgeous, might have to pick up that mag x

  2. Cute outfit!

  3. I neve thought I'd like Made In Chelsea until my friend persuaded me to watch it, then I was hooked(/obsessed) aha, and I caught up like you are now, it's uh-mazaing! Who's your favourite?xx

  4. i genuinely can't believe those sunglasses are from primark! they're so so cute and you got them for such a bargain

  5. horay for some sun, it seems like it hasn't been around in forever! the sound of pizza and burgers is making my stomach rumble and well done for getting work done, I would of lazed about for the day haha. Gorgeous sunnies, can't go wrong with a bit of leopard print :) x

  6. Hey Thalia! I need a little bit of fashion advice: remember those jeans you were wearing when we met at the Blogger Bakesale? Where did you get them? I really liked them so I wanted to check them out if they're still going in stores :)

    You look lovely in these photos! xoxo

  7. Great pics :)

    kisses from Glasgow :)

  8. Currently taking a break from revising the Cold War, so I understand! Just fell in love with your brown vest, it's adorable! x

  9. Love the fur gilet :) it's so gorgeous. Cute outfit

    Ruth x


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