Monday 17 March 2014

#BlogTour - my writing process

So my lovely friend Clem, who I've met here and caught up with here, recently answered some questions on the #BlogTour, before nominating me to continue the tour. It's about the process we go through when writing, something I find really interesting and a good chance to have a sneak-peak into the lives of others (because, well...I'm a lil' bit nosy). I'd definitely recommend you read her post on the #BlogTour - you can find it by simply clicking the conveniently placed link here.

DIY floral stationery jars - post here

What am I working on?
Writing for my blog is an ongoing process and has been for the past two and a bit years, and it's something I love coming back to. Other than this, I contribute for London Beauty Queen once/twice a month (you can see my contributions here) and the experience has allowed me to match the content I produce for another audience as well as practice and improve other things, such as photography. I'm also in the early stages of writing articles for a fashion website, something that allows me to do research on high fashion and designers, something I have not done much of in the past. As an A-Level Student, I have a couple of essays on the go at any one time so I always dedicate some time to tackle work my way around those.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?
When it comes to blogging, I make sure I always include something that shows a hint of my voice, not only as a writer but personality that shines through rather than just stating what a photograph contains or the items of clothing I'm wearing in so-and-so outfit post. I like to give a personal tone, one that enables me to ramble on about the most unnecessary things if that's what is on my mind at the moment, as I don't like to restrict myself to sticking to one topic. I'll leave that stuff for the essays!

Rome - post here

Why do I write what I do?
I write primarily about high street fashion as it is what interests me the most, and it has been that way for a number of years. Every month come payday I have a mental list of things I want to buy, and the tales of how I wear them (and quite frankly, interact with them) give me something to write about, so I have a bit of a ramble and give it a press of the 'publish' button. I adore writing and it is incredibly important to me that I write about something that is truthful, that I believe in and that interests me, and I guess fashion was just that 'thing'. Travel is high up there too, and I've ended up focusing my beauty-related posts for when I contribute to London Beauty Queen.

How does my writing process go?
My writing process all depends on what it is exactly I'm doing - if it's an extensive, detailed article I will bullet point my introduction, paragraph content and conclusion on lined paper beforehand in order for me to have something to follow and stick to, ensuring I don't go too off-topic. For the majority of blog posts I will have the photos done in advance, so I load them and then basically pour type my thoughts out onto the page. The process can take anything from 15 minutes, if I'm feeling productive and inspired, up to an hour and a half for long'uns and ones that require deep thought. Before publishing I will preview the post a good 3-5 times, checking for any spelling/grammar mistakes as I really detest finding them after I publish. My Rome post is probably the one that required most planning, and took me a good four hours to write.

That's all from me today - I hope you found this interesting! I've nominated my favourite bloggers as of late, Ashleigh and Stephanie from the tall and the short of it, who should publish their thoughts as part of the #BlogTour next Monday. Look out for it - but in the time being, you can stalk their blog here.



  1. I really enjoyed reading this, I'm a bit nosey when it comes to other people's writing processes :)


  2. Hey I nominate you for the Liebster award, check out my blog for more info :)


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