Sunday 23 March 2014

the sunday review 09

So this week was quite eventful with my seventeenth birthday falling on a non-school day for what feels like the first time in decades (correction: 4 years). I celebrated with my friends on Friday night who were both brilliant and incredibly generous - honestly, I'm so grateful. During my party they also took the opportunity to become best mates with my mum - photo evidence of that here. More on how my birthday went down later though - I have a post planned on that due to be published ASAP.

Earlier on in the week I went to a UCAS convention with school and left with so many options crammed into my brain, from studying at an international university in the UK (a pretty confusing concept at first) to studying a course far different from what I'd originally planned. Right now I'm pretty concentrated on going into Media & Communications/Journalism but I don't apply for another 6 months or so, so until then there are no guarantees whatsoever. I've just got the odd 17 prospectuses taking up space in my room for now...

I hope you all had a lovely week - and a big wave to everyone from the United States who have stumbled upon my blog in this past week. I've noticed a surge of almost unexplainable views on here this week, so thank you for that I guess. The USA took over the UK for the first time ever on here also...what can I say, #teamUSA?!



  1. Your eyes are such a pretty colour. Aw. I remember that UCAS convention... it drove me MAD. Happy belated birthday, and good luck for your future choices!!!

  2. I'm thinking of doing a media & comms degree too! :) xo


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