Sunday 16 March 2014

the sunday review 08.

photo from an upcoming outfit post, to be published soon

There really is nothing better than being with family. I mentioned last week that I don't get to see my family often as we're a collection of people placed kind of everywhere so seeing them in person is a rarity, albeit a very pleasant one. Monday saw my family and I head to our local Carvery (which, to anyone not in the UK, is a pub-like food place serving lots of meat, Yorkshire puddings and veggies, traditional Brit style). I have been craving one for goodness knows how long so taking Aussie relatives there was awesome. They loved it, I mean... as they should. The carvery is a place of Gods. The rest of the school week was pretty average, with lots of deadlines coming into place as of late and my mind finally getting the 'you should really get your revising on' vibes. I've got just under two months until my exams and I'm just so glad I have 6 fewer subjects than I had this time last year, exam season in year eleven simply sucked. If you're in year 11 right now - best of luck to you! You lucky lot have an incredible summer waiting for you at the end of it all.

The weekend was pretty average -I took a day off work today to go to the QS World University Tour in London only to find out that Melbourne Uni weren't there (despite being confirmed online) and encountered quite the number of rude people whilst trying to find answers. Finally a representative did arrive but it turns out my research was slightly more...extensive than theirs. Oh well. Mum and I grabbed a Subway afterwards (mine a toasted hearty Italian meatball marinara with extra cheese, as always) so that cheered up my mood quite significantly. The weather has stayed beautiful all week, which I'm incredibly grateful for. It's pretty outrageous stuff really, matching 'sunshine' and 'London' in the same sentence. Fingers crossed it stays this lovely because the upcoming week is my birthday week - yipeeee!

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  1. Agreed, family (and friends who are like family) are just so nice to be around, nothing better. Sounds like a lovely week, especially as they visit from so far! It's a shame about the university event, I found I had done the same last year for some uni's, although I found talking to the students very useful so I definitely recommend that (although I guess that is hard to Melbourne). Anyway good luck with it, sounds like you've started with enough time to decide which is goodxx


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