Sunday 2 March 2014

the sunday review 06

what up to the guy behind me evidently rushing through Sloane Square

It's so weird how my weeks can range from being on-the-verge-of-death boring to so-jam-packed-I-need-time-to-breathe. Needless to say my week was primarily the former, so I'll keep this week's review short and snappy.

The school week was rather slow, with the exception of Tuesday, when I found myself home and in bed at 2.15pm thanks to my timetable permitting an early finish - one of not enough, I must say. Saturday was spent shopping, shopping and then shopping, after doing a bit of online shopping post-payday glory on Friday. I'm already almost crying at my bank balance (as per usual, I mean it has been a whole two days since I've been paid) but I picked up lots of things that make me happy. I haven't been physically out to the shops in what feels like forever, and it is good exercise, right?! My justification: shopping is my cardio. To make things even better, I picked up another pair of Topshop Joni's after toying with the idea for a seriously long time and I settled with these babies. Beautiful. Work today wasn't half bad either - an extra hour of work meant I had a half hour lunch break, which I celebrated by devouring two Sainsbury's cheesy rolls, as one does. 

I'm seriously looking forward to the rest of this month, it's going to be an eventful one. I have a fun uni lecture, a uni visit with school, various relatives coming to visit (some from Scotland, some from Perth - multicultural families represent), my birthday, 3 weeks off work and a Geography trip to Snowdonia which isn't too exciting now that I think about it. However, my Mum and I went on a bit of a Primark spree yesterday to tick things off the 'to bring list' and things are now looking more optimistic!

I hope you all had a fab week,


Song on replay: the 1975 - girls (the knocks remix) - so good you seriously have to listen to it go go go!

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