Wednesday 12 March 2014

goodness gracious

burgundy marl t-shirt new look (teens) / purple biker jacket new look (teens) / petite joni jeans in 'vintage' topshop (link) / black faux leather bag with zips dorothy perkins (link) / black hightop trainers new look / earrings claire's

location: Barnes Common, South West London
The days are becoming longer, sunnier and generally more enjoyable and I'm on a quest to make the most of it. As I mentioned in my Sunday review post, last weekend saw me drag my Dad to Barnes Common to have a daddy/daughter chat and it was an enjoyable experience indeed. It's a bit of rarity, you know, when the weather is actually 'nice' in England. So yeah - making the most of it I am. Wishing I was elsewhere? Of course, that's a given. The travel bug hit me hard at a young age and the side-effects are yet to ease off.
As for the outfit: the plum biker has been practically glued to me for the past year, being an all-time favourite transitional piece in a gorgeous colour. The vintage Joni's are a new purchase and damn, I'm in love. Comfort, style and a nice tone is a seriously rare find. I'd been after an everyday black bag for what felt like eons, so finding this in Dorothy Perkins was a real treat. Being my usual frugal cheapskate self I waited until I had a voucher and snapped it up for £14, so if you're after it I'd say patience is a virtue, as is student discount. NUS card, galore.
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  1. I love this photoshoot. What a great outfit. I adore that jacket and the earrings are so subtle but look so pretty. Great job!

  2. Nice outfit! I wish I was elsewhere too, it seems I'm concentrating more on planning my summer than I am on studying at the moment haha!xx

  3. So pretty! Love the outfit especially the jacket. xx


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