Wednesday 26 March 2014

seventeen candles

Las Iguanas | Kingston-upon-Thames, London

Empanadas: smoky turkey & cheese with spicy cranberry salsa
the Full Enchilada with spicy chicken, pepper, onion & cheese
the South American Dream
passport holder and luggage tag - Cath Kidston
burgundy boots - New Look

It's official. I'm less than a year away from becoming an adult. In reality I'm not sure how I feel about this - mmhmm, yeah, it would be nice to get out of secondary education (15 months away, not that I'm counting) and dive into la vie adulte but  I don't think a year is enough for me to say goodbye to my childhood. I am sure as hell excited to a) apply for the 3659342749 magazine/newspaper work experience programs that require you to be 18 and b) go to the Holi Festival of Colour in London next year - boo hoo England, in India there are no age restrictions. 

My seventeenth birthday weekend was a seriously good one - Friday was spent partying with friends (i.e. watching them fall in love with my Mum and take a few too many selfies with her) and munching on mini pizzas. On Saturday 22nd, my actual birthday, my family and I popped into Kingston to visit Las Iguanas, the exact same place we found ourselves on my birthday last year. Dad and I shared a burger and an enchilada, with neither of us finishing every scrap. We just couldn't, despite how much we wanted to.  The service didn't quite meet the excellent standards they lay last year but the visit was great nonetheless. Since taking my friend Nadine to the Stratford branch in January I have made sure to always order the empanadas - they remind me so much of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The food in South America is outstanding and Las Iguanas works well as a substitute in England - it's the perfect choice if you're wanting to fill the Latin American-shaped hole in your heart (I know the feeling, seriously). Las Iguanas have branches all around the country, including 5 in my birthplace of Central London. If you're not a Londoner don't fret, you can check if there's a branch near you by clicking here.

Sunday was a combination of relaxing, Gossip Girl-ing and writing a 1,400 word French essay which I will in the next 6 weeks learn off by heart for my oral exam in early May. The weekend was concluded with an order from my long-time friend Mr Domino's, and I must say, it was magical.

So right now I'm either in Liverpool/North Wales/somewhere between the two aforementioned places on a Geography field trip, so this post was scheduled in order to publish this sometime before August. I come back on Sunday evening so if, shock horror, my tenth installment of my weekly Sunday review doesn't go up this week, don't you worry. If it doesn't go up next week, you can worry. I may have fallen off the summit of Snowdon or something. 


p.s -This post wasn't sponsored by Las Iguanas, I just seriously like their food! I doubt they know of my existence but if you are a friend of theirs please send them in my direction, hehe...
p.p.s - I'm not sure if you'll be able to tell but oh my gosh the photo quality has improved big time thanks to my wonderful rents getting me a camera upgrade!! You guys are the best and you know it (and yes, I know you'll read this).


  1. looks like you had a great birthday! xxx

  2. Looks like you had fun!
    I love Las Iguanas so much, especially the fajitas :)
    alicekatex ♥

  3. Oh goodness, I'm so jealous of the GG boxset! One of my all time favourite shows:) I spy a Canon 600D lucky thing!


  4. Looks like a very cool birthday indeed :) Happy birthday again! xoxo

  5. Aw! That sounds like a lot of fun. And maaaan what a great HAUL! My eyes were on the boots.
    I like your nails in one of the earlier images. Very pretty colour!
    Those enchiladas look... like no enchilada IIIIIIIIIIIIII've ever had before! I'd love to try that. Doesn't look too far from where my university is. I enjoyed this post, great stuff!

    -- good luck for your French essay, writing essays myself atm.

  6. Happy Birthday‼ Glad you had a great day ☺

  7. Happy Birthday! The photos are so lovely! You need to come to Texas if you love enchiladas-- we have REAL enchiladas here!


  8. Woo happy birthday!! Sounds like you had an amazing time, I really want to visit Las Iguanas now hahaxx


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