Monday 13 February 2012

I want to be faithful but I can't keep my hands out the cookie jar.

Mulberry. Funny how a single word can get the heart of a female to turn suddenly aflutter - to smile, to long for, to stare at. Mulberry as a brand have been soaring, with the business booming as many are saving up to spend their pennies on pieces of beauty - timeless accessories of a truly excellent quality. I confess, I've walked past the Mulberry section in Selfridges and Bentalls before and stared, but never touched (I wouldn't dare) but nevertheless a girl can dream.

So whilst pondering through the beloved internet I come across Mulberry's website, and see they have a few beauties, soon to be released in the UK. Named 'Cookie', they have added a pretty cookie-cutter scalloped edge to bestseller models such as the Bayswater, instantly upping the cuteness level and becoming simply adorable to look at.

As you can see here the traditional Bayswater has pretty scalloped edges - very on trend for the upcoming spring/summer months. My favourite detail has to be the clasp hardware - if you look closely it also has 'cookie' edges.  
Understandably the prices for these beauties aren't cheap, with the keychain costing £60. Saying this, the quality of these products are none shy from the bestsellers everybody adores and are adorable.
Available on the website here soon.
So what are your thoughts on Mulberry's most recent exploration for Spring? Will you be purchasing one of your own or simply stare in awe (like myself)?




  1. Same - very pretty. Love your blog - great posts and your layout is really sweet:) xx

  2. They're so pretty- I love the purse, so so cute!xxx

    1. The purse is my favourite out of all of them :) LOVE the scalloped edge - think Mulberry did awesome with all of their Spring stuff :) xxx


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