Friday 17 February 2012

girls love curls

my attempt at curly voluminous hair, without the use of heat. 
How I did it:
(before I start, I must say this wasn't intended as a blog post, simply as a way to wear my hair for school...though cleverly I did document it). Starting by brushing your hair thoroughly but gently to be rid of knots - I used my beloved Tangle Teezer for this (which I haven't seen since last week...dreading that I might have left it at school!) I then put my hair in a neat and low ponytail, loosely tied with a hairband. Using my fingers, I placed them in the middle of my ponytail (above the hairband) to divide my hair in half and create a 'hole'. I then got my hair and flipped it through this 'hole' I created. Once my hair was flipped trough, I pulled the ponytail so it was tight, giving the side of my hair a cool twisted effect with minimal effort. Then, to add more dimension to my hair I plaited my ponytail until strands of hair started to stick out the plaits. Gently, I then started twisting the plait and brought it up to form a bun. Using loads of kirby grips and hairspray I managed to secure the twist turned plait turned bun hairstyle.

I managed to keep this in all day, even throughout gymnastics. Once I got home I took it out and voila! A voluminous, curly hairstyle without the use of heat - would be good for a night out if you had done this the night/morning before and left it for the day! 


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  1. good idea =] I've been experimenting putting my hair up at bed to get curls in the morning but mine always come out far to frizzy!

    Your hair looks lovely =]

    Tanesha x


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