Wednesday 22 February 2012

topshop petite, I love you.

Topshop Petite, I love you.

Not only do you sell beautiful clothes, you sell them for those vertically challenged, like myself. At 5'1 and 'small', I often find it hard to find nice clothes in my size. Recently I ordered the dress I put in my Clothing Wishlist #1, and asdfghjkl I love it. Fits me perfectly, not too short and is a lovely material. At £17 including (half price) delivery it was a bargainous Topshop purchase.

In the package I receieved the dress, a newspaper for London Fashion Week & a free Mary Katrantzou for Topshop canvas tote bag! Wasn't expecting the bag, was sure they were for orders above £50 only but oh well, the bag's in a loving family now!

Photos of the dress will hopefully be uploaded soon, once I get the chance to photograph me wearing it. Now school's back its 'coursework this, homework that' blah blah blah. To be honest I don't mind school all that much, I just wish we had more time for ourselves.

Anyway, back to the post - been adoring Topshop Petite for a good few months now, but my love has been reassured by the arrival of the dress :') So here are a few picks from Topshop Petite that I love and could really get my hands on if I had the spare £200 lying around. Oh well, a girl can dream :')

From L-R. Top Row 1 / 2 / 3
Bottom Row 1 / 2 / 3

As you can probably tell from the colour scheme - I'm not one to experiment with colour, or even wear much of it. Greys, black and dark berryish colours are the ones I 'swear by', with a bit of denim thrown in there of course. In particular these leggings are absolutely beautiful, and remind me a bit of disco pants - mmmm, saving of £52 anyone...?

Bought anything nice from Topshop's Petite section recently / had your eyes on anything from there?



  1. I love Topshop! Always guarentee a good outfit :) x

  2. I'm never out of black and grey - love the leggings and the grey vest! I agree; topshop petite is a life saver for us 'shorties' :) xo

    1. me neither, I don't mind not experimenting with colour. hahaha! definitely a life saver for shorties;)xo

  3. I love Topshop too! Sadly I don't have even one in Germany :(

    1. :( that sounds awful haha, bet you have loads of stylish shops exclusive to Germany though so you have that over us Brits;) xxx


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