Sunday 12 February 2012

Beauty Wishlist: February/March 2012

Another month, more new releases of endless products waiting to be explored by the thousands of us British girls obsessed with make up. the past few months in particular I've been edging towards skincare, taking more action with my skin than I did during most stages last year. Saying this, I am really interested in MUA's new releases and am very excited for the UK release of Revlon's Lip Butters - famous in the US already with fab reviews!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
This product has been out, and a cult to many for months - have been putting off purchasing this for so long as I keep thinking 'so I really need a concealer?...I have one already!' but no, I have been wrong. I am giving in to the reviews this month - and at a mere £4 I expect this to be a product worth repurchasing.

L'oreal False Lash Telescopic
Now this has been out for absolutely ages...? Like in shops forever, but only recently have L'oreal repromoted it, with the gorgeous Cheryl Cole to model it in the tv advertisement. After seeing favourite beauty gurus from the US (talking about Amarixe here, but from a while back) she often used this mascara, and said such amazing things about it.  Soon after watching her rave about it I tried to explore it in-store, but was disappointed when it cost £11. See, I understand that in the world of beauty, £11 can be a reasonable price for a mascara - it's half the price than a luxury one such as Benefit or Lancome, but for me it simply wasn't worth the money. So then, the other day, I see an email. I like many other people subscribe the e-newsletters from companies such as Superdrug and I saw they had a promotion - £5 off, for £5.99! Now I have no idea how long this promotion is on for but I shall surely be snapping one up now. You can see the promotion here.

Superdrug Mud Mask Invigorating Raspberry
The amount of good things I've heard about this product seem overwhelming - it works like heaven, smells amazing etc. I love a good face mask but don't end up purchasing them lots as I'm never entirely sure of their smell, or whether they will itch my skin or not. From the reviews of this I hope they can guarantee I'll like it.

MUA Love Heart Lip Balm in 'Great Lips'
A new product by MUA - a tinted lipbalm, similar to the ones you can see by Vaseline and Sleek. A pretty pale nude colour, suitable for everyday and according to reviews it smells nice too - vanilla scented. At a bargainous £2 you get a nice-smelling pretty-coloured lip balm that moisturises well....what more could a girl want?!

The Body Shop Vanilla Eau de Toilette
Have smelled this countless times, and sprayed it onto the cute scent-paper oblong thing every time in store. Got excited when I saw it was reduced to £6.30 on the website (30% reduction of fragrances for Valentines Day) but when added to the price of packaging it costs 30p more to buy online...typical! Anyway, have wanted to purchase this for ages now and feel it's about time to cave in.

Revlon Lip Butter in 'Cupcake'
Yes, I hasn't yet been released but a girl can be excited.....right? This shade in particular stood out to me, it's so pretty! Moisturising in formula with a pretty sheen, decent pigmentation, gorgeous packaging. Very exciting.

So what's on your beauty wishlist for the upcoming months?


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