Saturday 18 February 2012

sweet serendipity

Today I discovered beauty in a bottle, of such colour one can not imagine. Costing a mere pound, this may just be my bargain of the month. And my gosh, do I love it.
LA Colours Colour Craze Nail Polish in NP424 Wired

A shimmery dark blue colour that can appear a lighter shade of blue in certain lights. It isn't as dark as Barry M Navy, and I would say is the blue equivalent to Models Own Peacock Green. Definitely one of my favourite nail polishes: although slightly dark for spring, I'm using the cold weather in England as a wintery excuse to wear it.

One thing I'm noticing is a connection between the names of LA Colours nailpolishes I have recently bought: I think they might have an informal collection or something as I'm noticing a vivid connection between the names 'Wired', 'Voltage' (top coat), 'Energy Source' (plain white), 'Power Outage' (shimmery raspberry with pink duochrome) and 'Nuclear Energy' (plain mid-purple).

Have you had any purchases recently that made you feel happy?



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    1. :) I love it - definitely reccomend it or one like it for everyone :)

  2. Replies
    1. :) Ich liebe es! langlebig auch ich muss hinzufügen, und ja es wäre auf jeden Fall empfehlen für jedermann! (übersetzt mit google haha) xx

  3. I really like this range of nail varnish! I have some lovely glittery colours!


    1. Haha same! I was wandering round my local chemists and to my absolute joy they stock a small selection of them! since then i've bought about 5 of them! & are the glittery ones nice? they sure look it :) xxxx


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