Wednesday 29 February 2012

pinking of you

LA Colours Nail Polish NP407 Power Outage
Ring - Primark, £2.50

pretty in pink! love this nailpolish - so unique and unlike many others I've seen. bright fuchsia with a pale pink duochrome, with lots of shimmer. As for the ring, I picked up this beauty in Primark a month of ro ago and I love it - thing is it's too big for my fingers:'( the only one it truly fits is my thumb, and you can all imagine how shockingly wrong a long ring like this can look on a stumpy little thumb.

Been very busy with school recently, getting back into the full swing of things with coursework and whatnot. Hoping to bring you a new OOTD post soon, along with various others including one requiring your help!



Let me know your thoughts! If you have a blog, leave the link too so I can check it out.

- Thalia

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