Friday 9 March 2012

weekly wishlist #1

A couple of weeks ago I posted separate posts of my beauty and fashion wants, but over the past few days I've realised that it just seems more logical to combine the two of them.
As for beauty/fashion wants, this week I really cannot think of many! Usually on sites I have 2138571937 tabs of things I want but this week I think I toned it down a bit;)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

My birthday's coming soon, most of these are just dying to be bought! as for the iPod I'm unsure, really considering saving up for it! For anybody who has them: are they worth £150, or should I spend my money on a large haul of the usual fashion beauty bits and bob things?

The desk seems unconventional for a wishlist, I know haha. I'm trying to convert all of the furniture in my bedroom to be white so it all matches and works and whatnot, also so I can use it for eyars to come. My current desk (purchased in India) is HUGE and takes up so much space! It has no shelves or anything and I'm dying to find somewhere to keep all of my school subject folders as they're simply collecting in a large, unorganised pile in the corner of my room!

The rollers - what can I say? I've wanted to try out hot rollers for absolutely ages and I've heard good stuff about these!
The dress and leggings, both from Topshop are lovely! The dress is so pretty, an on-trend nude colour made out of a lurex fabric, so it's very pretty and shimmery. Available in petite but out of my price range for a fundamentally plainly-coloured skater dress but beautiful nontheless. The leggings, oh my....are gorgeous! The black legging has made an impact this season, available in a variety of finishes such as velvet, shiny, wet effect and matte. I have a velvet pair from H&M that I adore and really like the look of these matte ones!

Last but by no means least, the shoes! I tried on a pair just like these last year, they were almost identical, they must have added a t-bar this year but other than that they're the same. So pretty and cutesy, the heel is tall but not uncomfortable as the platform is of a good height. Summery, but could also play it up and change things by wearing them in the winter with textured knee high socks...what do you think?

What have you been longing for recently?




  1. I have the topshop dress in a teal grey blue and it is sooooo comfy and flattering and has a low back which is nice on a plain dress and omg those leggings i have wanted them for ageeees but never got rounf to buying them!!
    just followed you :)

    1. that sounds so nice and pretty! the low back's so interesting, you wouldn't expect it from the dress but as you said it looks nice. same applies for me! they're gorgeous:) aw thankyou! xx

  2. I basically want everything here. Even the desk hahaha :) x

    1. haha! it's nice to share tastes and wants with people:) xx


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