Saturday 31 March 2012

ark clothing

The other day I discovered an online store, available in a few high streets dotted around the UK. Browsing through all of the areas, ranging from jeans to coats and belts, I loved the style and range of brands ark clothing sold. I've already made an order & here's my wishlist from them!

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1 - I've seen these polaroid shirts everywhere! I like the collection of photographs on this one, and the pretty heather grey colour for the background.
2 - Ever since Topshop released these vests, on sale there for £15, every other high street shop has managed to make a replica. At £9.99 this one doesn't seem half bad!
3 - Pretty out there for me, considering I don;t wear bright colours. Saying this, I think cobalt blue is a lovely colour and the contrast with the sharp black details - cuffs and collar it could look lovely!
4 - The contrast between sheer and dense really is evident in this, and I think could look really pretty with a plain black bandeau or vest top underneath. Grab a pair of heels and you're ready to go!
5 - Was hoping to buy the vectra's, sold at Topshop at around Christmas time but I was unsatisfied with the quality of the sole, and ultimately the price. These look sturdy, stylish and are considerably cheaper.
6 - I mentioned about a month ago about my shoe wants from Mr.Shoes, and these look just like a pair I wrote about. Like creepers, just with less of a heel and a more subtle look. I could see myself wearing these lots.
7 - After buying my first black sheer maxi in the Christmas sales, I've been convinced to purchase a waterfall/mullet skirt, in a classic black colour. Need to earn some confidence for my legs before revealing all though!
8 - Already ordered this. A beautiful chambray, long length sleeveless blouse is sure to look lovely at summer time. The collar is so summery and pretty and I could just go on for days. An outfit of the day will be uploaded pretty much as soon as this arrives!
9 - Out of all the pastel colours, lilac is the one I like best. 'The purple family' is my favourite group of colours, my absolute preference being berry/eggplant tones. Adjusting for the summer months, I think this gorgeous dress would be lovely with sandals or dressed up with flatforms.
10 - A classic. Casio watches are so fashionable, and suit everything. Not sure if I would buy one now but it's a piece that I will definitely buy one day.
11 - Everywhere. Absolutely everywhere is where these bags are. Available in many variations, ostrich style-skin is the most popular and this navy colour is wonderful...need I say any more?!

Have you ever bought anything from ARK?!

p.s - completely unsponsored, I just like this place lots.



  1. I love ark too! there is a shop nearby and i always try to pop in whenever i can!

    1. Ah that sounds so nice, I wish there was one near where I live!xx


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