Saturday 3 March 2012

then i'll slip into a cinderella shoe

A new month already eh, 2012 surely isn't going too slow. I'm excited for this month, getting various school results back, my birthday & party and weeks are nearing the Easter holidays.

Whilst out shopping with my best friend Rosie I suggested we go into Mr. Shoes, just to look around. Little did we know this place stocked a few beauties and we spent 10 or so minutes trying on some lovely boots. As soon as I came home I hopped onto the website, keen to see what else they had and oh my, they. are. amazing!

My favourites;

These are awesome. Like creepers, but thinner, smaller and slightly less daunting.
They encapture the style of brogues well without being...polished, like you'd find the typical pair of brogues to be. The colour allows the shoes to be versatile - they suit many outfits. The heel, although much thicker than the average pair of flats is substantially smaller than the creepers from TUK Mondo, and at £40 cheaper these are the ones I definitely prefer.

I adore the contrast between the black suede and cork platform, it reminds me of summer. I've seen the criss-cross effect on so many wedges recently, but all of them have been single-coloured and haven't had the beautiful cork edge. Would look gorgeous with anything summery such as denim shorts, or even a floral printed dress.

One word: flatforms. They've become huge recently, encorporating the idea of a wedge but still having the comfort factor. I love the colour of these, a pale taupe nude as I think they'll look lovely in the summer. The straps remind me of gladiator sandals, and will look gorgeous with a sheer skirt.

Are any words even needed to explain these? Other than they are utterly beautiful. An obvious dupe of the infamous Jeffrey Campbell Litas, these babies cost a third of the price and don't look all that dissimilar. I tired these on in the shop, and considering the heel is 5 inches in height they weren't all that difficult to walk in.  I must say, me being a mere 5'1 quite enjoyed two minutes of being tall. if these beauties are still in stock in three weeks time, hopefully some birthdaay money will be splurged out on these.

Have you noticed any gorgeous shoes at Mr. Shoes recently?


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