Wednesday 28 March 2012

a few bits & pieces from make up academy

clockwise from top: shade 1 pearl. shade 19 matte, shade 17 matte, shade 18 matte.
From L-R:lipstick shade 5, lipgloss shade 2, lipgloss shade 5.

From L-R: intense colour eye liner in turquoise, intense glitter eye liner in starry night, liquid eyeliner in shade 5 (black)

From L:R: lipstick in shade 3, lipgloss in shade 5 and lipgloss in shade 2.

From L:R: blusher in shade 1, pressed powder in shade 3.

From L-R: eyeshadows in - shade 17 matte, shade 19 matte, shade 1 pearl and shade 18 matte.

mascara in shade 5

one coat of mascara on both eyes

left: no mascara. right: one coat of the mascara in shade 5.

What do I think?
MUA is such a well known brand now, from being released around two years ago as a small stand in Superdrug to adding a professional range in the summer of 2011. The products mentioned here are all from the original range, meaning they are priced at a mere £1 each. The price alone screams bargain, not even taking into consideration the quality of these products.

The pressed powder is lovely, quite creamy but almost chalky. The shade is too dark for my skintone, so I'm going to leave this until the summer months but I definitely see myself purchasing it in a lighter shade.
The blusher is so pigmented! A lovely colour and easily blendable, I don't see myself wearing this much as I very rarely wear blusher. Saying this, I hope to become more adventurous in the future and sometime shade 1 will make its way onto my cheeks.
The lipstick looks so pretty in the bullet, but when swatched and applied comes out very sheer and quite shimmery. This is still very wearable, just a bit of a disappointment as the colour would look lovely if the colour was more intense.
I feel a similar way about the lipglosses, available in 'squeezy' and 'rounded' tubes. They aren't very pigmented, the one that appears more vibrant in colour is merely a very slightly pink-tinged clear gloss. The paler gloss is quite chic in colour, and I could definitely get some use out of it.
The eye liners are wonderful. The colour range is gorgeous and they apply like a dream. As of yet I have no comments on longevity but I can definitely give a thumbs up for these.
The liquid liner I have previously tried before, about eighteen months ago. The application is tedious, with the brush being quite difficult to handle. As for longevity they do tend to crackle and peel off within a few hours of wear.
The eyeshadows are pretty famous within the line, with around twenty colours being sold in these 2 gram domes. They are so pigmented! Like the pressed powder they are creamy bordering on chalky, so a primer would be needed with them. Saying this, the colour range is fab and I look forward to feasting my lids on the neutral shades.
Lastly but in no way least is the mascara. What can I say? It's amazing. The brush is lovely, separating lashes but providing no clumps. My lashes are elongated and slightly curled. No volumising done but you can't ask that much from a £1 tube.

So what are your thoughts on MUA?


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