Tuesday 13 March 2012


For ages I was on the hunt for a nice pair of velvet leggings. Too tight, too long, too skinny to fit my ankle through the ends you name it. My delight when I found this gorgeous pair, for a mere £5.99 in H&M (kids section) was extreme, too much so to describe in words. I quickly bought a pair in the size I usually wear in jeans, and as soon as I got home I squealed - they fit perfectly. Flattering and skinny but not difficult to walk/sit in, these have become a staple of my wardrobe that I will wear lots!
Cropped out face (lazy day and top knot) simply as no person on the internet should have to witness such things. Also, mind the bed tehehe; this is a realistic photo of what it looks like ninety percent of the time: geography coursework, scrumpled up duvet and phone being charged.  
If  everything goes to plan, hopefully I can post about a small DIY project I have coming up, along the branches of velvet. Any guesses for what will be done?!



  1. Love them, it's so hard to find leggings that fit right x

    1. hehe same, try H&M if you have one near you!x

  2. I know what your DIY project is mwahahaha ;) lovely leggings sweetie!<3

    1. ahah it's gonna look awesome! thankyouu cutie<3


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