Thursday 15 March 2012

people throw rocks at things that shine

A slightly different post today, a couple of photos symbolising my pure boredom experienced a couple of months ago, though when thought of in a certain way can almost be interpreted as fashionny. I tried out a sweater/collar duo (both from Primark) and loved the result, the pattern of the blouse really contrasts against the lighter pink shade of the jumper. As for the Scottish pin, the silver adds dimension and breaks up the block colour of the jumper! The Scottish pin was bought in Edinburgh Airport absolute years ago, probably like in 2006? My dad is Scottish so I go up north once a year or so to see the family, I love how patriotic they are! Their accents are so cute as well, a nice short break from London!
awesome chin shadow conquering my neck
strand of hair irritating me lots but was a clear photo of the pin - have no idea what it represents but I know that it's  very Scottish and patriotic, and is typically worn on kilts (I think to hold the layers together?) All of the itsy bitsy details I'm unsure, as for the actual style I think they're pretty cool! Nice way to add a piece of...change!


p.s - birthday in a week today!

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