Saturday 10 March 2012

I trade my soul for a wish, pennies and dimes for a kiss.

grey t-shirt midi dress (very similar to Topshop) - Primark, £8
lilac long sleeve stretch top - Primark, £3.50
midnight leggings - Primark, £3
grey and white striped jumper - Primark, £6
black and heather grey knitted jumper - Primark, £5
i <3 london lipstick case, cake lip glosses - Local Shop, £1 each
black hair grips - Primark, £1
lilac ring bound scrapbook - Paperchase, £8.75
cards: black/pink card £2.50? M&S, other two around £2.75ish from Paperchase
& free M&S magazine.

Cath Kidston Circle Ditsy Ticket Holder - Bentalls, £6
(barry m nail paint in berry ice cream on nails)

Today I went out for a nice day with Mum, taking the train out to buy some fabrics and ending up with lots of clothes! Went slightly obsessive in Primark but it was hard not to! Had heard a couple of things about Primark's dupe for the grey t-shirt midi dress (that I tried on a couple of weeks ago, and thought was way too thin to cost £30) at a bargainous £8. The quality is admirable and looks flattering on. The jumpers were impulse buys, the cute breton stripes speaking out to me in one jumper, and the beautiful contrasting in the other. Plus, they cost £6 and £5 respectively which frankly is pretty amazing!

Another thing purchased today, which seriously isn't really like me was a lilac  stretchy long sleeved top. I rarely go out of my boundaries and usually stick to black/white/grey/navy/beige but lilac screamed out to me! As my mum said I could try out some subtle colour blocking.

It's everyones (including mine) birthday coming up, so I had to go out and do some gift shopping! The scrapbook is for my friend Lydia, and the lip balms are small gifts for various people. Whilst out I also bought some Mothers Day cards; (one from myself and one from my younger brother) I was surprised at how cute they were! The magnetic lettered one will be from my brother as 'ps, what time's dinner?!' is something he says regularly.

One of the most exciting things from today was my new travel card holder! My beloved 50p-sale paperchase travel card holder officially died last week, and since then I've been hunting for a replacement. This one is so cute! It hasa gorgeous pattern, is waterproof and has 3 slots that fit in my oyster, ID and library cards in well.

Have you bought any exciting purchases recently?



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